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Products: Honey Pots, Dippers, Books & More!!!

We carry a wide range of products for all of your honey serving needs, some of our products are shown below and include both new and vintage honey pots, honey dippers and honey spoons. We also carry vintage books and are always on the lookout for interesting items to add to our inventory.

Little Bear Honey Pot
Bumblebee Honey Pot
Sweet as can Bee Honey Pot
Bear and Skep Honey Pot
Brown Bear Honey Pot
Sitting Bear Honey Pot
TelaFlora Honey Pot
Yellow Skep Honey Pot-(SOLD)-
Avon Honey Pot-(SOLD)-
TeleFlora Honey Pot-(SOLD)-
Ceramic Dipper Honey Pot-(SOLD)-
Straw Skep Honey Pot-(SOLD)-
BumbleBee Honey Dipper
Jasmine Honey Spoon
8" Honey Dipper
6" Honey Dipper
5" Honey Dipper
4" Honey Dipper